Batch Saving Action and Automation in Adobe Photoshop CS

When I first started seriously photographing for demanding clients, I quickly discovered that saving PSD files became a daunting and prolonged task. In my mind I thought, "man, there has to be a way to save every photo set I do more efficiently". So I did some searching online and found out about Photoshop "actions". Actions would help me simplify the process without me having to go through File > Save As, however, I would still have to press play on every photo from the set to get them to save. As a result, with further research, I found out about one of the most helpful tools that Photoshop has to offer.

That was the Automate function under File. What this function does is essentially take an action and automates it throughout the whole set without you having to do most of the work. It's assembly-line-like. Watch the video I recorded to see what I mean. 

This video was made for those who process more than a few photos in Photoshop and have saved PSD files. This workflow, however, can work with all predefined actions you have, so it might be a good screencast for everyone who uses Photoshop in general. 

Sorry that the Screen Flow Demo watermark is blocking the video, but you'll still get the idea. Screen Flow for Mac is a very good and simple screen casting program to use.

Hope this helps!

John Zhang

Self-proclaimed man.


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