Post Processing: Fiat 500c / Alfa Romeo Mito - Battle of the Buggies in Dubai Featured

Final Image | © Arun M. Nair Final Image | © Arun M. Nair

Dubai is a beautiful place. There is no doubt about that. From some of the biggest buildings to a rich night life, who could ask for more? But for some reason when it comes to photography, it is not allowed in the entire Middle East without permits and this law is strictly enforced.

So, when it comes to editorial/magazine shoots in Dubai, with little to no money for permits, guerilla photography is the only way to go.  I found this beautiful location at the top floor of Dubai mall's parking garage (near Burj Kalifa). With only a thirty minute window before the security would arrive to kick us out, I managed to shoot just one image.

  • Stg 1

    Original Image

  • Stg 1

    Stage 2 - Added in light paint exposure

  • Stg 1

    Stage 3 - Removed arrow on asphault

  • Stg 1

    Stage 4 - Leveled horizon and removed roof top area

  • Stg 1

    Final Image - Added light blooming effects and increased contrast/saturation

Above is a step by step explanation of the post processing process. The Alfa Romeo Mito and Fiat 500c were given to us by Chrysler Group for a TopGear long term review segment.

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Arun M Nair

Photographer at BBC TopGear Magazine Middle East



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